Which Herbs Can Lower Blood Pressure?

Suffering from high blood pressure can lead to a number of health conditions. High blood pressure is also known as hypertension and is often difficult to detect since there are no noticeable symptoms. A lot of patients do not realize they suffer from high blood pressure until they see their doctor for a checkup and get their pressure taken.

There are different medications used to treat high blood pressure but a lot of these treatments can cause unwanted side effects. Some patients see their quality of life reduced as a result of taking medication against high blood pressure. Here are some herbs you can easily add to your meals to lower your blood pressure without any side effects.

Gingko Biloba

The University of Maryland Medican Center (UMMC) recently conducted a study on Ginkgo biloba and found that this natural remedy can make blood thinner and dilate blood vessels. This allows for a better circulation and contains a lot of antioxidants. Terpenoids and flavonoids can be found in Ginkgo biloba. These subtances contribute to lowering blood pressure and make your heart healthier according to the UMMC.


The Green Pharmacy Herbal Handbook explains that hawthorn is a herb that boost your overall cardiovascular health. This herb can make the walls of your heart stronger and allow for better circulation. The Handbook says that taking hawthorn can result in a lower blood pressure as long as the remedy is used as directed. It is best to talk to a doctor first since supervision is needed when using this natural remedy to treat a heart condition.

Rauwolfia Serpentina

This natural remedy is also known as the Indian snakeroot. It has been used for centuries as a traditional medicine. Rauwolfia serpentina can be used to boost cardiovascular health and lower blood pressure. This herb is rich in alkaloid reserpine, a substance that contributes to regulating the heart. This treatment is very efficient in patients who suffer from high blood pressure as a result of anxiety and stress.


Garlic is one of the most efficient natural remedies against high blood pressure. It has been used for centuries as a traditional remedy for a number of conditions. Scientists are still studying garlic and finding new properties. A recent study conducted at the University of Berlin showed that garlic could remove nanoplaque, a substance that is deposited on cells walls and cause arteries to become clogged. This can lead to atherosclerosis if nothing is done to remove nanoplaque. Eating garlic regularly can lower your risks of blood clots, hypertension and cholesterol.

If high blood pressure is common in your family, it is important to take action and look for a way to prevent hypertension. Adding these herbs to your diet is a great start.

The 6 Herbs That Enhance Digestive Health

Having digestive problems is a situation that can be very unpleasant.  These problems are not only painful, but they can also be embarrassing at times.  It is fortunate that there are a number of herbs that can help with these problems as they calm the digestive systems and can be used in your everyday cooking.


This highly popular herb is also one of the most powerful to use when it comes to calming digestive problems as a single tablespoon will have more antioxidants than a full cup of blueberries.  Oregano is an alkaline herb which means it can help with inflammation as well as acidity which causes certain digestive issues.  Oregano can also prevent constipation as it helps to stimulate the digestive system.


When an upset stomach strikes Thyme is a natural calming agent that is a great additive to food.  This is due to the antiviral properties that Thyme offers which help the body fight stomach viruses.  Other issues that this herb can help with include the fighting of yeast overgrowths and other bad bacteria that can cause an uncomfortable stomach problem.


Another herb that offers antiviral properties is Sage which is known to help the digestive system run smoothly.  Sage can help to dispel gas which can cause uncomfortable feelings as well as help the stomach digest protein.  This herb is both soothing and calming which helps the nerves and keeps anxiety at bay.  The flavour of ground sage can be bitter and mold can quickly attack fresh sage.  Rubbing sage is the most versatile form of this herb to use in cooking.


The calming properties of lavender are well known all over the world.  When people are anxious and tense their digestive systems start to slow down.  This slowing down of digestion can cause discomfort which can be helped with lavender.  When used in foods this herb can calm the intestines and ensure they function correctly.  Lavender can also help reduce inflammation and acidity as it is an alkaline food.


The delicious aroma of rosemary makes it one of the popular herbs for cooking.  There are a number of problems that can be caused by yeast overgrowing in the stomach and intestines that rosemary is able to help with.  Rosemary is a good remedy for a number of stomach issues including constipation, pain, bloating, indigestion and gas.  While it is possible to get supplements to help with these issues eating dried or fresh versions of this herb is considered to be more effective.


When it comes to stimulating the digestive system peppermint is considered to be one of the best. This herb is able to calm the stomach acid which calms all the reactions caused by it.  Fresh peppermint is one of the best choices for treating bloating, indigestion, constipation, gas and diarrhea it is possible to also get benefits from the tea version of the herb.

Before you look at over the counter remedies for digestive problems you should consider these herbs.  The herbs do not have the same side effects that medicine has and can aid in the overall health of the digestive system.

How Traditional Herbal Chinese Medicine Can Help Prevent Diabetes

The JCEM – or Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism has recently published a study which suggests that some TCM – Traditional Chinese Medicine herbal formula can actually help to slow down the progression from a state of pre-diabetes to fully fledged diabetes.

Pre-diabetes is the condition which is indicated by a person with elevated levels of blood sugar but has not yet developed types 2 diabetes. Any persons who have pre-diabetes do have a raised risk of developing type 2 diabetes as well as cardiovascular disease and stroke.

The study involved 420 subjects – 389 of which completed the trial across 11 study sites in China, the trial was randomized, double-blind and placebo-controlled. Over a period of 12 months, the subjects consumed Tianqi capsules or a placebo three times every day prior to meals. Study subjects were given lifestyle education for one month prior to the commencement of the study and met with nutritionists multiple times throughout the year. Every three months the glucose tolerance of the subjects was studied.

The TCM formula Tianqi is a combination of 10 herbal medicines used for the treatment of type 2 diabetes in China. A number of these herbs had already been shown to be instrumental in the lowering of blood sugar levels and boosting glucose levels after meals.

As the study finished a total of 56 subjects from the placebo group had developed diabetes but only 36 subjects developed the condition after taking Tianqi. After necessary adjustments for gender and age, the researchers found that the Tianqi had lowered the risk of diabetes development by 32.1 percent when compared with the placebo. These figures were comparable to ones obtained from studies of other diabetes drugs metformin and acarbose.

It was also found that a higher number of subjects from the Tianqi group had normal tolerance to glucose after the study was completed – 63.13 percent compared to 46.60 percent from the placebo group.

One significant finding was that those who took the Tianqi had no severe side effects to contend with which shows that the herbal formula was not only effective in the prevention of diabetes and improving the control over blood sugars, it was safe for consumption too.

According to Xiaolin Tong MD Ph.D. from the Guang’anmen Hospital, Beijing, China and a leader in the study there are only a small number of clinical trials which have examined the impact of Traditional Chinese Medicine on diabetes and these findings showed that they can be extremely useful in slowing down the progression of the disease.

Diabetes is rapidly becoming a very serious worldwide health burden with many patients struggling to adjust their lifestyles to control their blood sugar levels with limitations of the currently available medications and some having adverse side effects. It is hoped that these traditional Chinese herbal medicines can provide a new way to manage blood sugar levels either singularly or when combined with other treatments.

How Can TCM Help Diabetes

It has been traditional for TCM practitioners to treat diabetes using a combination of herbs with acupuncture. TCM could be a real help towards stabilizing blood sugar levels, improving circulatory issues and slowing down the neuropathy process.

Heal Your Nervous System With Herbal Medicinal Remedies

Ask yourself why there are so many more cases these days of depression and mental illness. Typical answers might include hard financial times, a population full of aging baby boomers, and of course, the most notorious reason is the high stress, fast-paced 21st-century lifestyle. A natural and healthy solution exists for this, and it is one that western medicine often ignores.

There are many natural herbs that can help cure all kinds of symptoms. Underlying issues must be addressed if people are going to reverse or prevent these diseases. Many people aren’t aware that these types of diseases often stem from environmental toxins, bad lifestyle, and dietary habits, equaling a nervous system imbalance. You’re going to learn how you can knock those diseases out by way of natural herbal medicinal remedies.

Herbal Medicine Truth

Pharmaceutical companies don’t make it easy for physicians and other medical professionals to have a firm grasp of herbal medicinal remedies. It’s not a major part of medical education for aspiring doctors to learn about medicinal herbs, so it’s not really the doctors’ faults. If you really look at it the right way, however, the majority of drugs in pharmacies originate from a plant.

Many herbs out there have all kinds of medical benefits, such as lowering people’s risk of developing certain cancers, helping to reduce stress and promote healthy sleep, provide protection against heart disease and much more. Your immune system can get a nice boost by simply adding more garlic to your diet or using garlic as a medicinal herb. Ginkgo Biloba works great as a stress reducer, and it also helps to improve circulation in your brain.

Physical And Mental Boost

Rhodiola is one herb that people in Scandinavian countries have used, as well as Russia, too, in order to cope with harsh climates and the stress that comes with the territory. Performance endurance levels for athletes have seen a boost when adaptogenic herbs are used. Rhodiola is one of these adaptogenic herbs, and it can minimize muscle damage after an athlete has strenuously exerted himself.

Rhodiola can also help people with oxygen deprivation, whether suffering from certain conditions or living in high altitudes. It provides oxygen to the muscles, which helps people keep their bodies conditioned.

Herbs can also work great to help stimulate your brain function. Help rejuvenate your nervous system by using the herb Brahmi. It not only focuses your intelligence, but it also has the power to better help you cope with emotional stress throughout your day. Your memory and blood circulation to the brain can also be improved by using the Gotu Kola herb. You can also use essential aromatherapy and topical oils, as well as lifestyle habits and changes, such as meditation.

Health experts with years of experience are trying to educate the world concerning herbal remedies and natural herbal medicines. These natural herbs can be used in psychoneuroimmunology and by putting an orthomolecular nutritional plan in place in order to help people live much healthier lives.

A holistic balance and good health with reduced stress is the goal and part of the culture of many Native American teachings. Reiki practitioners make use of these herbs, and they know how they can contribute to a healthy immune system as well as help out with stress and fatigue.

In many instances, you can help your body heal much faster and better with herbal remedies. You can reverse your risk for disease using herbs as well as take the stress right out of your life for good. Plus, you get to do all of that while staying away from the side effects of synthetic drugs. It is truly an inspiring and healthy experience to use natural herbal remedies.